864 Households Applied For HDB Loan Deferments From April To August 2020: MND

The HDB has facilitated around 25 hundreds families on their HDB property loan payments from Apr to Aug 2020, announced the MND in Parliament on 14 Oct.

Of these, 864 family units considered to put on hold their home loan expenses, whereas 277 cut back their loan payments.

Ministry of National Development came up with the article in respond to MP Ng Ling Ling, that wondered on how many appeal for postponement of HDB mortgage repayment were gotten by Housing and Development Board from the start of the CB duration in addition to the scale of the accepted requests.

Kopar at Newton – Makeway Avenue

“HDB accommodates exclusive personal economic advise to homeowners asking for help with their HDB mortgage loan installments to recognize their needs, and identify practical actions to support them,” revealed Ministry of National Development.

It indicated that the support measures offer endorsing citizens to put on hold or lessen home loan expenses and extend their financial loan tenure subject certain age limitations.

“As the monetary counselling is alternative, we do not have information on the quantity of family units that applied for particularly to defer their mortgage monthly payments,” Ministry of National Development pointed out.

Nevertheless, MND made sure that they are thoroughly keeping track of the issue and is going to review the adequacy of their aid solutions as the issue evolves.

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